Anna Čln Smoroňová


So I've never done anything like this before, but sometimes you gotta... Especially when you meet someone like the girl I'm about to introduce you to.

So without any further ado! May I draw your attention to Miss Anna Čln Smoroňová!

I met this amazingly talented girl in such a peculiar way, one hungover morning with my housemate armed with my new laptop, we decided to test the webcam out on chatroulette! (haha, of course!)

Anyway, after "nexting" what felt like about 500 half naked men and all sorts of trash in between. I met Anna! Anna is Slovakian and luckily her English was really good, unlike my Slovakian! We got on straight away, we soon discovered that we both were photographers, so after chatting for awhile we exchanged facebook names and then continued on with our days. Little did I know I'd just met one of the most inspiring young photographers I'd probably ever come across!

So after we traded a few facebook messages and comments I decided to give Anna's work a good thorough look through, and lets just say I couldn't keep my jaw from off the ground. Anna isn't a professional or a well known established photographer and the fact she's still a teenager I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I recently met Anna in London when she came over for her travels and not only is she an amazing photographer but also a really nice girl and I can't wait to see where she goes in her career and I wish her all the best!

So, enough of my ramblings! I'll let her pictures do the rest of the talking!



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QC said...

She should enter the Sony Awards when they open, she has their kind of style. Excellent find Mr L.

ScreamOmar said...

These photos are awesome, great source of inspiration.

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