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I wrote this bio about 3 years ago, I found it on my hard drive last night I thought it was pretty funny...

== Early Life ==

Tom Leishman was born on July 16th 1986. He was born to John and Nancy Leishman who were excommunicated from the village of Liawenee, which is located in the central highlands of Tazmania. The Leishman family was asked to leave the village in January of 1986 because of their extreme Catholic beliefs. After settling in Lake Mackenzie, John and Nancy changed their family name from McHaggis to Leishman in hopes of fitting in with there new area.
Being raised in such a religious environment Tom was kept isolated from any art that was not considered "holy". He received art lessons from a local minister at the age of 3. He immediately excelled at drawing and would draw parishners at evening mass on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Tom was quoted in the local church newsletter when he was 7 saying "I love to draw. drawing is good. drawing makes me like an saint.". When Tom was 10 his family took in a traveling photographer who was lost in the highlands of Tazmania. This traveler didn't have a name, he didn't know where he was from and all that he carried was a canteen filled with bourbon an acoustic guitar and a camera. Tom called him 'Froggy' due to the webbing between his toes. Tom was forbidden by John to learn photography since it does not honor god so he had to hide his film from his father. For the first 2 years of learning to take photos Tom would not develope the film out of fear of his father's wrath. At the age of 12 Tom realized that his photography expertise would continue to be limited unless he developed the film so he left home.
Tom spent the next 3 months wandering around Tazmania taking pictures for change on the street corner. He was approached by a Captain Thomas M. Allen that was planning on a cargo haul to Great Britain and asked Leishman to accompany him as a ship artist to keep his crew in high spirits. Leishman boarded the SS Koombana on March 13th and headed for Britain. Although the voyage only lasted 10 days over 50% of the ships crew became afflicted with bendii syndrome. Due to the emotional instability of the crew, many crew members took their own lives and the lives of other crew members. Tom spent the majority of this voyage in a half filled fish barrel that he hid in the engine room. Although the boat docked in the Port of Liverpool on August 23rd Tom remained hidden in the fish barrel until August 26th. He stated later that he was terrified to leave the barrel until he knew that all of the monsters [crew members] were gone.
Being 12 years old with no formal education and lacking the ability to read, Tom Leishman had a struggle ahead of him. When he reached land he took an inventory of his possessions. Besides the clothes on his back Tom had his camera, 3 apples and 73 pence that he found on the ship. Due to his stay in the fish barrel Tom's shoes we damaged beyond repair and he had to continue his journey with bare feet. Tom remembered Froggy regaling him with stories of a far off land called Staffordshire, where the women are beautiful and every day is filled with sunshine. When he asked a local merchant how to get there he was told "it's right up the road, you're in Liverpool" so Tom turned, looked north and left before the merchant could direct him south.
Tom continued his journey by foot for 3 months but the farther he walked the weather got colder. Tom went back to his roots of taking photos for change so he could survive. Tom stated in an interview that as long as his camera clicks and winding was louder then the rumbling of his stomach he could keep going. He found himself in the middle of Scotland in a town called Dunfermline before someone had the heart to tell him that he has walked the wrong way. Devastated that he will never see Staffordshire, Leishman felt more lost now then ever. He decided to stay in Dunfermline for an extended stay until he found a way to get to Staffordshire. While working as a grave digger at Sunset Cemetery Tom met Nellie Vladimirovna Kim who agreed to teach Tom gymnastics in exchange for a Portrait that he would take for her. Since Tom's life at this point was primarily taken up by his career as a gravedigger he decided that a little distraction would be good for his soul.

== Professional Life ==

In 2006, Tom finally in Staffordshire became a well known photographer in his area, taking everyones photos he could. Tom's technical photography skills has received praise throughout the world comparing him to photography legends such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams and David Bailey. When taking a photo for Pope Benedict XVI, the pope described Leishman's photography as "angel kisses all over my eyes"
On August 12th 2007 Tom Leishman lost his left arm in a snake attack in the moutians of Cyprus. This caused Tom to end his dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast. This was a trying time for Tom since the majority of his success was based on activities revolving around having two arms. He has diligently been working on new picture taking methods that would allow him to continue his photography career with one arm.

Currently Tom is still taking photos and is doing okay.


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Currently Tom is still taking photos and is doing okay...AND IS AMAZING :) x

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